Versano factory – contact lenses

We are happy to share with you more details about the factory for the production of optical lenses in the Sagi 2000 industrial zone. The factory is a fascinating project that included comprehensive planning processes and the construction of advanced facilities in order to produce high-quality optical lenses in large quantities.

During the 12 months of execution, the factory was established in an area of 5,000 square meters and included unique facilities suitable for the complex production processes of the eye lenses. The technological processes in the factory were built according to the most advanced industry standards and regulations, so that the products leaving the factory provide guaranteed quality and precision to our customers.

The project was carried out with a lot of cooperation between the professional planning and construction teams and the management and innovative policy teams. The management and supervision of the execution was done through an expert management team headed by Labid Engineering, which provides support and guidance at every stage of the project.

We are proud of the impressive results achieved in the factory and our unique ability to apply innovative technologies in the production of eye lenses.

We are confident that our products will continue to ensure the controlled accuracy and quality among our customers.

In the continuation of the project and in the distant period we hope to continue to develop and provide unique solutions for the optical industry.

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