In order to function optimally and subject to safety standards and a building permit, each building includes four important systems: a drinking water system, a drainage line, a sewer line and a fire extinguishing system.

These days we are managing a large, complex and ongoing project at the Intel Shabrit Gat complex, in front of the Hoffman Construction management company. In addition, we are responsible for the thorough and successful establishment of these systems in addition to additional development and construction work on the overall site.

In addition to the coordination between contractors, materials and multiple work teams in the field, work was carried out near live lines that could be damaged.

To this end, we formulated a unique work plan, the excavation department was conducted at different heights according to the type and nature of each system and adapted to the client’s requirements. After that, we laid out the lines subject to strict quality control and filled the excavations according to the relevant specifications. The work plan includes the process, materials and special requirements that each system needs, as well as the supervision of its construction until the final result by skilled professionals.

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