Shahak Elevators – Mavo Carmel

The project to build an advanced logistics center in the Mevo Carmel industrial area, owned by the leading company in the field of elevators. The center, located on a particularly spacious area, serves as the company’s central operations center and provides integrated logistics services to its customers.

The process of building and setting up the logistics center in the Mevo Carmel industrial area is a carefully planned project, in accordance with the company’s requirements and the most valid standards in the field. The project includes advanced construction, unique architectural solutions and preservation of the natural environment in the surrounding area.

The logistics center offers modern and diverse spaces for storage, handling and distribution processes. The advanced technological infrastructures and the professional staff provide end-to-end services to the company’s customers. The logistics center also provides ancillary services such as inventory management, packaging stacking and tracking and repair processes.

We are excited to bring you this advanced project, which will contribute to improving the efficiency and logistics activity of the Shakhak Elevator Company and provide the highest level of service to its customers.

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