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Project Site

What does a project look like that exhausts all the services, skills and qualifications we know how to provide?
The SITE project, intended for the development and expansion of the Intel company site in Kiryat Gat, is an ongoing and long-term process that consists of several parallel projects. Each of the projects is staffed by separate contractors, dedicated work teams, construction equipment and cranes – all of them work side by side in a dense and challenging area where all the possible construction works are performed: dirt, infrastructure, concrete, iron, pile drilling and more.
As those who are entrusted with the completion of the construction processes in the best possible way, our company takes care of precise coordination between the multitude of factors involved and understands very well the impact and consequences of each task or project on the permit. To this end, we created a professional maneuvering system that synchronizes the work teams on an ongoing basis and at the same time responds to challenges in the route of the area and its density.
Our work in the field is extremely strict and is carried out at all times with an uncompromising safety standard, along with control and coordination of the works on behalf of the client.

The Site project includes other complex projects that are managed at the same time:

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