In the middle of the construction of an innovative substation in the Intel complex in Kiryat Gat, the management and supervision company HOFFMAN realized that the project did not meet the quality and the schedules required by the hour. That’s why she turned to us in order for us to complete the project properly and subject to the balance of the budget amounting to NIS 45 million.
The substation will supply electricity to the new chip factory from Intel (FAB 38) and therefore requires complex and varied work that includes concrete castings, the construction of large underground systems and the construction of prefabricated elements of various types. All of these are carried out in a complex whose area is quite dense, along with several other projects in the area that are constantly staffed by contractors, work teams and heavy engineering equipment.
Recognizing the complexity of the project and the challenges that characterize it, we created a coordination, supervision and control mechanism that allows us to properly synchronize with all the factors in the field and thus successfully meet the tight schedule that we only have a year and a half at our disposal. All this without compromising absolute compliance with the strictest safety standards and international standards.

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