Nazareth England Hospital – Maternity Department

The upgrade project, construction and design of the maternity ward at the English Hospital of Nazareth. The project includes a redesign of the patient rooms, the reception desk and the dining room, in a process of complete adaptation to the place and the unique needs of the maternity department.

In order to upgrade the patients’ experience and create a comfortable and relaxing environment, we planned a proactive design and implementation process, which focuses on improving the aesthetics and sensory perception of the required spaces. The patient rooms are designed to be spacious and adapted to the special needs of the patients, including large windows for natural lighting and the preservation of privacy.

In addition, an adjustment and upgrade of the reception desk was carried out, with the aim of improving the reception and surgery process of the patients, and they will be able to feel at home and comfortable. The dining room was redesigned with an emphasis on the meal experience and the comfort of the patients and families, where comfortable furniture and advanced infrastructure were installed to improve the food delivery process.

The improvement of the spaces and the design additions are carried out in accordance with functional planning and with consideration of the existing environmental conditions. Central importance was given to the comfort and safety of the patients, and in addition, we dared to upgrade the general aesthetics of the department.

Thanks to the operational upgrades, we hope to create a pleasant and relaxing environment for patients and their families, while improving the treatment and rehabilitation processes in the maternity ward. We are excited to collaborate in this significant project, which provides a professional and courteous response to the unique needs of our patients.

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