High-tech company in Haifa – strengthening a building for earthquakes

We are happy to present to you the project of planning and carrying out strengthening of a structure for earthquakes, which is the most distinct standard in the field of construction and earthquake resistance – ASCE7. In order to ensure safety and structural integrity, we plan and execute unique architectural elements and seismic reinforcements are carried out in the most precise manner to comply with the ASCE7 standard.

The performance process will continue for 18 months, from 2018 to 2019, under the leadership of a professional and skilled team. During the project, we will carry out detailed planning and it will be implemented thoroughly and precisely. The strengthening of the structure will be done in accordance with technical documents and the highest professional standards.

We undertake to improve the structural durability and ensure the installation and resistance of the building to earthquakes, while preserving its original aesthetics and uniqueness. In this project, we pay attention to the smallest details and treat each element with care, in order to ensure the best result and make the structure resistant to the most difficult challenges.

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