Goodyear Logistics Warehouse

Spectacular construction project of a logistics warehouse for the GOODYEAR company. The project aims to upgrade the company’s storage and logistics infrastructure and improve its supplier and service capacity.

The new warehouse will be built in a strategic location that allows easy and efficient access to the main transportation routes. This construction includes the design and construction of a single, functional building suitable for the company’s storage and logistical operation needs.

During construction, emphasis will be placed on the quality of construction and the maintenance of the highest industrial standards. The management and supervision team led by the leading engineering officials will emphasize careful control, time and resource management and ensuring the quality standard.

This project will be in collaboration with expert teams in the field of logistics and industrial planning. The final result will be an advanced and modern warehouse suitable for the changing needs of industry and the logistics sector.

We are excited to be part of this project that promises to upgrade GOODYEAR’s storage and logistics capabilities and provide an advanced and efficient infrastructure.

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