Front of the mountains is an office building

The addition project is the spectacular construction of 2,000 square meters of offices for the building that extends over an active commercial center of the “Mol Harim” company. The planned addition will be a thoughtful and unique addition to the existing building, guaranteeing spacious and advanced office spaces.

The new building will bear the architectural signature of the company and will include a unique and spectacular design adapted to the modern work routine and the functional requirements of the offices. The spaces will be carefully adjusted in order to create an improved and comfortable work experience for employees.

The construction of the addition will last for 10 months, when there will be an emphasis on quality control and advanced supervision management systems by the management team headed by A.Y. Stern. The construction process will include the installation of advanced infrastructure and the maintenance of the highest quality standard.

We are excited about the creation of the new living space for the “Mol Harim” company and the opportunity to create a modern and advanced work environment.

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