Expansion of the HaGoshrim Hotel

We are happy to share with you details about the expansion of the Goshurim Hotel, our spectacular project taking place in the central location of the hotel. In order to respond to the needs occurring in the field of hospitality, we are planning a construction addition of 2,000 square meters to the complex, which include a modern conference hall and a covered parking lot.

The performance process will continue for 12 months, from September 2019 to October 2020, under the professional management and supervision of the architect Guy Ben Hafer. The expansion of the hotel is carried out according to original planning and coordination with the local authorities, including the required scope of construction and the planning improvements.

In the new extension, we emphasize a perfect fit for guests, creating functional and impressive areas, and designed additions that are advanced in building regulations and quality technologies. The spectacular hall will allow events and conferences in a contemporary and unique style, while the covered parking lot will provide guests with multiple comforts and safety.

We are excited to add value to the well-known Gosher Hotel as part of this project, and provide a new experience

and high quality for our diverse guests.

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