The construction of the dining room that includes cooking and cooling instead of the dining room was built as part of the special project of the High Tech company in Har Hotzavim, Jerusalem. The dining room was designed and built in a meticulous and specially planned manner to create a suitable atmosphere for the company’s services and the staff on site.

During the planning phase, analyzes of the scope of the project were conducted in order to understand the company’s requirements and adapt the structure to its needs. They were put forward for a unique and efficient solution such as the perfect combination between the cooking and cooling areas and the creation of an open and pleasant space for the eating needs and comfort of the diners.

In the procurement phase, the necessary processes will be carried out to purchase the land and the place where the dining room will be built. The menu works were carried out precisely and in accordance with the relevant safety standards and instructions, and emphasis was placed on the implementation of the electricity, water, gas and communication infrastructures in a professional and safe manner.

During the construction phase, the physical construction of the dining room was carried out. Manuals and technical protocols will be used from the detailed planning, and we will erect the appropriate stability structure to support and erect the final structure. Every detail is built precisely and carefully according to the detailed design, including advanced protection and safety systems.

At the end of the construction process and the establishment of the dining room, the place will be designated for the service of the employees of the hi-tech company, and the appropriate and personalized atmosphere will help create a comfortable and pleasant experience for every person inside the place.