Desalination plant

The facility is located in the Western Galilee and will desalinate water at a significant capacity of 100 million cubic meters per year, directly connecting to the local drinking water system. The desalination will occur through the reverse osmosis method, which functions to filter the high-pressure drawn water and separate the purified water from the salt ions contained within it.

The project spans several engineering disciplines and is governed by an extremely challenging timeline of only 20 months under the management of Adir Engineering. The short timeframe is due to the commitment given for the start of water flow, with any delays incurring severe penalties. Upon completion of the construction with its advanced systems, the reservoir will serve as a reliable and high-quality water source for all residents of the Western Galilee, Haifa, and the Upper Galilee.

To meet these exceptional requirements, which necessitate the highest level of planning and managerial expertise, IDE has invited us to serve as the main contractor for the project. This role involves providing a complete framework for the construction of the project, coordinating with a large number of service providers and subcontractors. Our assignment specifically includes building the Berkat Miriam desalination facility, which is set to be one of the largest in the entire Middle East.


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