Construction of a sewage treatment plant

About 89% of waste water in Israel undergoes purification processes, which positions us as one of the leading countries in the field in the entire world. However, the establishment of such a purification plant includes a number of challenges such as the regulation of unique development and construction processes, control of environmental processes and absolute compliance with international standards.
As part of our work with the Shikun and Binui company, we have been working for about a year and a half on the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant, which breaks the conventional dimensions for buildings of this type. With the completion of the development works, we started erecting scaffolding around the perimeter of the pools and inside, for the benefit of building the skeleton of the building which rises to a height of 12 meters. We carried out the drilling of the piles and the iron works with unique diameters of 32 mm, thus creating 4-6 layers of iron in each wall. The result is a strong, safe and hermetic structure that is up to 1.5 meters thick.
Now with the final stages of the project, we are building the desalination ponds and the operational buildings. The pace and quality of the project are based on skills in stable planning, execution and control, with a budget of NIS 120 million. At the end of 24 consecutive months of construction, the plant will begin its journey and provide us all with a greener, healthier and more efficient environment.

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