We present to you the spectacular project of establishing a “Bonsai” furniture factory in an area of 4,000 square meters. The factory incorporates 1,500 square meters of advanced offices and open works for the production and industrial processes.

The performance process of the project will last for 12 months in 2018, under the professional leadership and supervision of Labid Engineering. The plant is carefully constructed and planned, in accordance with the requirements of the most advanced industrial standards and regulations, to provide the most advanced infrastructure for the production and work processes within the plant.

The offices inside the factory are carefully designed and equipped with all the modern features required for efficient and comfortable work. The open works in the factory allow flexibility and accessibility in the production and industrial processes, and are suitable for the use of equipment and machines required for the production processes.

The establishment of the “Bonsai” factory is an advanced infrastructure system that will provide professional support and solutions for the industrial and furniture industries.