We are very happy to present the impressive construction addition to the youth hostel located in Beit Shan. In this project, we plan and execute a building addition that includes modern guest rooms and spacious lecture halls.

The performance process will continue for 12 months in 2016, under the professional supervision of Kiden Engineering. The construction addition is done in accordance with the precise planning documents and the most valid standards, aimed at improving and optimally solving the changing needs of the hostel.

The guest rooms have been carefully designed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for the youth. They are equipped with facilities and services adapted to the unique needs of the guests. The lecture halls, with advanced infrastructure and amplification systems, provide the perfect platform for events, lectures and many other activities.

We are excited to improve and strengthen the current infrastructure of the youth hostel in Beit Shean, believe in its important function in the community and are committed to creating a pleasant and inspiring environment for the youth staying there.