About Us

T.M. Company Engineering was established in 1998 and belongs to Tomer Pinto. The company operates a management team of engineers with approximately 50 employees, and also an organic executive team with approximately 80 employees. This allows her flexibility and high ability in the various fields of her activity.

The company holds a valid C5 classification for construction and development work, and also has ISO 9001 standard. From the safety area, during the last five years, the company uses the American OSHA Recordable Rate index, and its result in this index is 0.083. At the same time, the company takes care of safety in all its aspects. For example, in 2023, during 1,041,310 working hours, there were no safety casualties in the company. The management team is committed to complying with the strictest safety standards, and the company’s safety team is knowledgeable and well-versed in project management at all stages of work. In addition, there are no lawsuits against the company.

T.M. Engineering translates its experience and professionalism into a record of activity of 22 years, in which there are no blemishes and lawsuits. It conducts itself with reliability and honesty towards its customers, employees and subcontractors on its behalf. Every project she completes is perfect on time and according to a predetermined schedule.

Safety first

T.M. Company Engineering is ISO 9001 certified. The company has a C5 classification and we pride ourselves on maintaining safety in every project we carry out in the last five years, the company has a result of 0.083 in the OSHA index

Excellence in execution

We are able to carry out highly complex international and nationwide projects. while maintaining the quality of execution at every stage of the project. We pride ourselves on a perfect record with no lawsuits. Punctuality is one of the cornerstones of the company.


In each project, we embark on a joint journey with our customers and so do the employees and subcontractors on our behalf. We work with complete transparency with integrity and reliability from the moment we receive the project. Our company specializes in locating and recruiting the best qualified team to perform all tasks in order to successfully lead and complete each project.

Our Customers